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Problems and solutions for the future of local OTO bodies

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This is an unofficial forum, not sponsored or controlled by Ordo Templi Orientis.

Establish at thy Kaaba a clerk-house; all must be done well and with business way.

This community is available to any active initiates of O.T.O., who are members in good standing of a local body, for the purposes of:
  • Discussing programs of local contribution
  • Identifying problems that arise with asking members to contribute to local bodies, and seeking solutions to those problems
  • Any other discussion directly relevant to local body development
To join the community and gain posting access, click here. Approval is subject to OTO membership verification. Note that joining the community will not automatically put it on your friends list.

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Public and Private Posts: If you make a post "friends-only," it will only be visible to group members. If you make a post "public," anyone will be able to see the post and any comments. In either case, only group members will have the ability to post comments.

Tyling: Do not make direct reference to the contents of any initiation rituals. Vague allusions may be permissible if they are vague enough that you would feel comfortable making them in public. Though this group is tyled to OTO initiates only, the LJ server and the owners of that server have not been bound by oath.

About Cross-Posting: Community members may have posted essays on the subject in their own journals, but often behind filters of some kind -- because not all their friends want to hear about it. This can at times result in people who are interested not being able to read the material. Therefore please feel free to post such items from your own journal here without filters, even if it might be a little outdated. (Limit cross-posting to one post per day, per person please.)

IMPORTANT: Do not post:
  • rumors or unsupported allegations
  • debate/attacks on ideological grounds (e.g. labeling "Thelemic fundamentalist" or "bourgeois hippie")
Repeated posts of this kind of material will cause you to be banned. This community is strictly moderated and you will lose your ability to post if you ignore guidance from maintainers. Therefore we strongly recommend that you check to make sure your posts are topical, upbeat, and productive, and listen carefully if the maintainer(s) indicate that something is not appropriate for the community, and you will be fine.

Historical note: This community was originally named localduesblues. This name was chosen because it captured the zeitgeist at a time when many local body masters were experiencing consternation over the fact that they had too little leverage with which to enforce local dues programs. See the earliest posts in the community for reflections on this matter. While the problems and solutions surrounding local dues programs remain a large area of concern for members of this community, the old name, humorous and poignant as it was, failed to reflect the fact that many other topics relevant to local body development have since been discussed here.


Scale the Fence: Support Your Local O.T.O.
Scale the Fence: Support Your Local O.T.O.