Joseph Thiebes (thiebes) wrote in clerk_house,
Joseph Thiebes

How to be the Perfect Host in the 21st Century

One of the most interesting and fun aspects of being a member of O.T.O. is our hospitality. Many of us thoroughly enjoy both offering and availing ourselves of hospitality while traveling.

If you are one of the many brethren who regularly play host to visitors, you might enjoy the below article entitled, "How to be the Perfect Host in the 21st Century." This includes tips and tools, including a template "welcome packet" that has all the important details -- contact info, emergency numbers, nearby restaurants, etc. -- for your guests. Nice!
Tags: hospitality
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ONE does not like to mention- but of course there is the flip side of Hospitality- when people show up un-inivted after being horrible guests- the civil act of of banishing them- is not always so smooth
that is a very good point! Perhaps if you have experiences and ideas about this subject, you might be willing to make a clerk_house post about it?