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Promulgating to the Optometrists

One of the points that I talk about in my 5-hour workshop on promulgation (see a 60-minute synopsis here) is the concept of giving the Law to social connections. Rodney Stark et al. have found that small religious movements tend to spread through social contacts that people have in their everyday lives. Such social connections can include health-care providers (or your patients), the merchants we frequent (and/or your customers), friends and relatives, and the people in our immediate neighborhood communities.

Today, Kaosangre and I went to look for eyeglass frames. After picking out the frames and everything, while she was signing forms and whatnot, the clerk asked what our plans were for the day. I indicated that we came out to enjoy the sunshine, do a little window shopping, and find some eyeglass frames. He then asked if we had any evening plans.

Indeed, we do have plans for this evening, and we're heading out soon to attend First Degree initiations at the Lodge. How to explain? I paused long enough, thinking about how to answer, that it was probably clear that I wasn't sure what to say at first. I eventually blurted out: "Oh, yes, we're going to a ritual tonight."

"Oh, cool. What sort of ritual?" he continued.

Perhaps it was his continued show of interest which made it easier to open up, but for whatever reason, this was an easier question to answer. "It's an initiatory ritual for a magickal fraternity."

The clerk's eyes lit up. "REALLY? That sounds VERY interesting."

"Oh? I have a card here... and a booklet if you are interested in learning more. Tonight's ritual is private, but we have events all the time..."

"Yes I would LOVE to learn more!" He looked at the card that I handed to him and reading from it exclaimed, "Gnostic Masses! I was raised strict Nazarene. Ever since moving to Portland, getting away from the parents, my horizons have really broadened. I'm familiar with Satanism."

From there we exchanged names and a bit more small talk, and I gave him the Great Beast 666 booklet before leaving. We will be going back to the store in coming days to pick up the glasses, and hopefully will get a chance to talk with him more.
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