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16,000 OZ

I'm still working on the next post in the Promulgation series, which will discuss pamphlet and card distribution in great depth, but wanted to share some big news and also offer some suggestions about what to do about it.

First the news: The first batch of 8000 postcards featuring Liber Oz will soon be in the hands of local O.T.O. bodies around the U.S. (and a couple of other friendly Thelemic groups who also contributed to the project). These cards will be split into 20 packets of 400 each. There will be another batch after this as well. See below for images showing the cards. If your local body is listed on Batch 1, you can expect to see these cards very soon!

Additionally, two letters will arrive in the mail about the cards -- one from Fr. Oz and one from Fr. Sabazius X°. I'll hasten to clarify that this is not an official O.T.O. project; rather, it has been done thanks to the combined individual efforts of many people, with permission from O.T.O. to reproduce Liber Oz in an effort to spread the Law, and with the blessing and encouragement of Fr. Sabazius.

In Portland, we have for some time been printing pamphlets & cards of different sizes and distributing them. Here are a few quick tips you can use when you receive the Oz cards; tips that might help to save you the trouble of learning the hard way:

1. Keep cards on hand at all times.
You know the saying that money is burning a hole in your pocket? The same thing happens with postcards. When you have a stack, your eyes naturally seek out places to put them. Find a permanent home for postcards in your purse or satchel, and keep it stocked.

2. Look in the places you go.
Cards can be placed in any locations that have free reading material on hand. Restaurants, coffee shops, barber shops, import stores, college campuses, and other locations will have a rack for free reading material.

3. Ask permission.
Don't worry, they will say yes. The person behind the counter doesn't usually want the confrontation of saying 'no,' unless they have specific store policies. In almost all cases, you will be granted permission to place cards where people can find them. The real purpose of getting permission is to short-circuit the possibility of the cards being thrown away by the persons responsible for the location. If they gave you permission, they will be less likely to throw it away even if they are offended on reading it after you've left.

4. Less than a dozen.
In case they do get thrown away, you'll want to waste as few as possible. Moreover, the scarcity may signal some people to take more notice.

5. Take photos and video of your efforts!
Encourage others by setting an example.

Here are the card images of this batch. The next batch will be the same on the front, with different contact info on the back:

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