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Progradior Promulgation

I've been reading carefully through the Progradior Correspondence and noting where promulgation efforts are discussed. Here's what I have found so far.

"It is very fine of you to work so hard, and make so many sacrifices; but wrong not to allow others to do as much. What are silly women made for, my poor friend? They must have been made for some good end; and if they gave us freedom to preach the Law as it should be preached, it would help both us and them." —666 to Progradior, December 24-26, 1916 e.v.

"... I have had thousands of all the paper pamphlets printed and paid for them myself, also had the expense of rent for room and advertising." —Progradior to 666, c. January, 1917 e.v.

"I hold meetings every Sunday night and there is now a growing interest in the O.T.O. ... We are getting more people every Sunday, and will soon be a big thing. I expect now to get candidates as fast as we can initiate them..." —Progradior to 666, c. January, 1917 e.v.

"In haste. I want every member of the Lodge to rewrite The Law of Liberty in such language as should appeal to his own friends and class. Present pamphlet is over the heads of many. Let me have all essays, and I'll pick the best for publication." —666 to Progradior, c. 1917 e.v.

"Please use every endeavor to make things a success." —777 to Progradior, Sol in Leo 1918 e.v.

"... the great point is for us to get you over here [to the Abbey of Thelema in Cefalu, Italy] and confer as to what is to be done for the Establishment of the Law." —666 to Progradior, April 12, 1921

Following a schism of the Sydney Lodge of Theosophy, in the hope that he might find people ripe for conversion to Thelema: "Hope you catch all the Theosophists!" —Alostrael to Progradior, Aug 13, 1922 e.v.
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